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Get The Right Diet and Nutrition For Your Pet Parrot

Parrots come in many different sizes and species but one thing remains the same for all of them; feeding parrots a healthy diet can help them to live longer and a better quality of life.

Because parrots are curious, intelligent, and easily bored, feeding parrots a diet that consists only of protein pellets will rapidly lose their interest. Thus, like people, parrots prefer to have a creative, varied diet. Feeding a person the same meal every day would get boring and tedious quickly. A happy parrot's diet should be fun, healthy, and have a variety of healthy foods to keep them interested and stimulated. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to a parrot's diet is an easy way to add extra vitamins and minerals to an already strong protein pellet base. Calcium also plays an important role in a parrot's diet. However, feeding a parrot large amount of dairy can cause them to become ill. Some believe parrots to be "lactose intolerant". However, that is not the case. Some dairy, such as cheeses, can be added to a parrot's diet gradually and in moderation. Seed mixes and nuts are also an excellent source of vitamin A and calcium that can easily enhance a parrot's diet.

The base of a parrot's diet should consist of protein pellets. Protein comes in two forms: complete and incomplete. It's essential that a parrot's diet contain the proper amount of complete protein to grow, repair, and sustain healthy tissue, organs, beak, and feathers. The amino acids found in complete protein are made naturally, to some extent, by the parrot's own body, but they are not enough to keep a parrot healthy. Complete protein can be found in most protein pellets. These should be the foundation for a healthy parrot's diet.

A creative and exciting way to enrich a parrot's diet is with chopped fruits and vegetables. Hanging fruits and vegetables from the sides of the cage or from a parrot's perch can be an entertaining way to introduce new foods and keep a parrot's interest piqued. Parrots need to have creative ways of challenging their curious minds. Some parrot behavioral problems occur because they are not being challenged, physically and mentally. Enhancing a parrot's diet with a varied, balanced diet is an easy way to accomplish that.

Grains such as cooked brown rice, oats, barely, wheat, and pasta are also a good source of nutrients for parrots. Some parrot owners also feed their birds whole wheat breads or unsweetened whole wheat cereals. Because parrots are such sensitive birds their owners have to take a lot of consideration into the diet that they are providing. Most problems with parrots stem from malnutrition. Responsible owners understand the importance of parrot diets and are willing to undertake all of their bird's nutritional needs.


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