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Education has evolved in across the board over the last several decades. As we discussed in our recent article, the introduction of technology has made a large impact on how colleges and schools run their programs. But technology is not the only factor that has played a large part in the how educational institutions have evolved.

Maintaining Supply to Demand Ratio of Skills

Another major part of the equation is the supply to demand ratio of various skills in the country and the economy. Educational institutions (even the private ones) are more or less governed by policies which are under the control of Government. And the Government of a country usually changes and adapts the policies based on the needs of the country. And this causes a ripple effect all the way down to how the courses the run, which ones are advertised more of and less of and which ones gets subsidized or reduced fees.

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Australian Health Industry Changes

In Australia, the government started making more effort in the last 5-6 years to encourage people to study more in the healthy sector. Not just the health industry for professions such as nursing, but also Well-being, so the people would be more health conscious. As a result, there was a surge in courses being offered for personal training and health advice. However, some of these courses have not been comprehensive and one could argue that a lot of them were worked on quantity rather than quality, thus abused by private institutions to take advantage of the government subsidy.

These courses are not very educational or thorough and typically last only for a few weeks. Compared to some years ago, it has become much easier in Australia for one to become a personal trainer. But one has to wonder what the education and competence of these graduates are. It is most advisable if you are looking to get personal training for yourself or someone you know, to choose fitness coaching experts who have been in the industry for several years and have the experience and credibility to show for it.

Of course, location is also important when choosing a trainer. Most people want to find someone who is located conveniently close to their homes so that the amount of time they would spend on a commute would be minimized. Astute Fitness is a great example of local personal trainers who have been in the industry for several years and have the track record of providing a great service for their clients. See some of their reviews on the Astute Fitness – Yelp page. They are based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in Hawthorn.

Personal Training In Burwood

Weight Loss Industry

The weight loss industry is inundated daily with new products that promise to solve problems that can only be solved by consistent effort. And this is the real reason people hire personal trainers. So that they have someone to encourage them in times of need. They also help people who have busy schedules and work lives to basically let someone else do their planning and set up their dietary programs so that they can simply follow it and be results orientated.

Although weight loss and personal training are not the types of fields that require a year-long education with excessive theory, educational institutions also have to keep in mind that they need to produce quality graduates, not just for ethical reasons but also to maintain their reputation. As such, some basic lessons in theory and science of muscles and weight loss could be improved than what is being taught in current courses. Practical education is almost non-existent in these courses. It has been proven repeatedly by several studies that practice and indulging in the activity is the best way to teach students. However, this is not a large part of these PT courses.

Maintaining the demand and supply of skills is very important for our economy to run smoothly. However, in doing so, we must also strive to maintain a standard of quality so that the population and the industry do not suffer as a consequence.